Lymantria marginata Walker, 1855 - Dark Mango Tussock Moth

Taxonomic Information

List of Lymantria Hübner, [1819] species in India based on Schintlmeister, 2004 and Pogue, 2007
South and West India and Sri Lanka.
Lymantria detersa Walker, 1865. S. & W. India. 
Lymantria fuliginosa Moore, 1883. W. & S. India, Sri Lanka. 
Lymantria todara Moore, 1879. S. India, Sri Lanka. Sister species of L. similis. 
Lymantria grandis Walker, 1855. S India, Sri Lanka
Lymantria ampla (Walker, 1855). S. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. 
Lymantria aryama Moore, 1859. S. India, Nepal.
Lymantria subrosea subrosea Swinhoe, 1903. Tamil Nadu, Kerala.
Lymantria nussi Schintlmeister, 2004. S. India.
Lymantria kanara Collenette, 1951. S. India.
NW Himalaya & Nepal 
Lymantria incerta Walker, 1855. NW India. 
Lymantria obfuscata Walker, 1865. NW India. 
Lymantria moesta Swinhoe, 1903 NW India, Nepal. 
Lymantra serva Fabricius, 1793. NW. India, Nepal. 
Lymantria sobrina sobrina Moore, 1879. NW India.
Lymantria maxfischeri Schintlmeister, 2004. Nepal.
Lymantria liedgensi Schintlmeister, 2004. Uttarakhand.
Lymantria schnitzleri Schintlmeister, 2004. Nepal.
Lymantria semicincta (Walker, 1855). NW. Himalaya.
E. Himalaya 
Lymantria obsoleta obsoleta Walker, 1855. NE India. 
Lymantria plumbalis Hampson, 1895. TL: Myanmar; India: Nagaland. 
Lymantria similis Moore, 1879. Bhutan, NE India. 
Lymantria bivittata bivittata Moore, 1879. C. & E. Himalaya, NE India, Andamans.
Lymantria brotea lepcha Moore, 1879. E. Himalaya. Lymantria lepcha treated as a separate species on the website. 
Lymantria iris Strand, 1911, formerly ssp of obsoleta. NE India (Meghalaya)
Lymantria grisea grisea Moore, 1879. NE India.
Lymantria subrosea singapura Schintlmeister, 2004. NE India. 

Lymantria marginata Walker, 1855. Himalaya, NE India, Bangladesh. 
Lymantria concolor concolor Walker, 1855. N. India, Bangladesh.
Lymantria mathura Moore, 1866. Himalaya, NE India.
Lymantria albolunulata Moore, 1879. Himalaya.
Lymantria costalis Walker, 1865. Sri Lanka, “India”. 
Andamans only
Lymantria grigorievi Schintlmeister, 2004. Andamans.
Lymantria brotea rudloffi Schintlmeister, 2004. Andamans.
Lymantria swetlanae Schintlmeister, 2004. Andamans.
Lymantria siniaevi Schintlmeister, 2004. Andamans.
Lymantria sublunata thomasi Schintlmeister, 2004. Sikkim, Andamans.

Photo Gallery and Species Biology

Lymantria marginata - Dark Mango Tussock Moth

Western Himalayas east to Myanmar (Schintlmeister, 2004). Type form Sylhet, Bangladesh.

StateJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecNo date
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andhra Pradesh1
Arunachal Pradesh
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Daman & Diu
Himachal Pradesh1
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal1

Lymantria marginata Walker, 1855: Mangifera indica (Anacardiaceae) (Robinson et al. 2010).

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Notes: Like many other members in this genus the males and females are dimorphic and differ considerably from each other in appearance. Lymantria hauensteini Schintlmeister, 2004 is the eastern representative of marginata, it is possible that it may occur in Arunachal Pradesh as it has been recorded close to the borders in N. Myanmar. Male marginata foreheads are brown and hauensteini white. The forewing of male hauensteini more contrasting and the ground colour more blackish.  Female hauensteini has more white markings.

In South India, Lymantria fuliginosa Moore, 1883 is the other member of the subgenus Beatria that occurs in India.

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