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Editing the taxon tree

Each taxon can be edited by clicking on the taxon. A dialogue box opens giving editing options. Please note you do not need to close the dialogue form to go to another taxa. Clicking on a taxa will set the dialogue to that taxa. If you want to go to the website page of the taxon (not available for subspecies) right hand click and follow the menu options. Ctrl+F will let you find a species quickly on the page

Adding a new taxon ( e.g species)

Taxon are added by clicking on their parent e.g genus for species. Them click "Add a child taxon". Common name and authority are only required for species and subspecies, but please add if possible. Authority should be given in the following format: Westwood, 1843


Please note changes to the taxon tree are not updated to the website automatically as the taxon tree is stored as a static file. To update the file with the latest changes press the button below only when you are happy with your changes: Please note if you do not update the site now the changes will remain in the database and will be updated with the next update. Undo any changes you are unhappy with before exiting this page. update website taxon tree

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