Stathmopoda theoris (Meyrick, 1906) -

Taxonomic Information

Stathmopoda Herrich-Schäffer, 1853 species known from the Indian region
Stathmopoda aeneella (Stainton, 1859). India: Bengal. 
Stathmopoda amphidyma Meyrick, 1913. S. India (Coorg: TL). 
Stathmopoda amphizeuctis Meyrick, 1934. India. 
Stathmopoda amphoritis Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda anconias Meyrick, 1910. India: Bengal, Odisha; Sri Lanka. 
Stathmopoda antidelta Meyrick, 1907. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda aprica Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda astricta Meyrick, 1913. S. India (Nilgiris: TL). 
Stathmopoda atrinotata Meyrick, 1929. (India: Andaman Is. (TL).
Stathmopoda balanarcha Meyrick, 1921. India: Meghalaya (Shillong: TL). 
Stathmopoda balanistis Meyrick, 1913. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda butyracma Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL).
Stathmopoda callopis Meyrick, 1913. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL); Nepal. 
Stathmopoda calyptraea Meyrick, 1908. Myanmar (TL). 
Stathmopoda commoda Meyrick, 1913. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda dryophaea Meyrick, 1922. India: Meghalaya (Shillong: TL). 
Stathmopoda hexatyla Meyrick, 1907.  Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda ignominiosa Meyrick, 1913. S. India (Coorg: TL). 
Stathmopoda iners Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda informis Meyrick, 1913. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda isoleuca Meyrick, 1913. S. India; Sri Lanka. 
Stathmopoda leptoclista Meyrick, 1929. India: Meghalaya (Shillong: TL). 
Stathmopoda luculenta Meyrick, 1913.  India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda meliscelis Meyrick, 1929. India: Meghalaya (Shillong: TL). 
Stathmopoda monobathra Meyrick, 1937. India: Pune, Mumbai (TL). 
Stathmopoda neomeris Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda nobilitata Meyrick, 1917. India: Bihar (Pusa: TL). 
Stathmopoda orbiculata Meyrick, 1913. S. India (Coorg: TL). 
Stathmopoda ovigera Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL); S. India. 
Stathmopoda pentasema Meyrick, 1913. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda placida Meyrick, 1908. Myanmar. 
Stathmopoda porphyrantha Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda praealbata Meyrick, 1915. India: Bihar (Pusa: TL). 
Stathmopoda serenata (Meyrick, 1913). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda sideracma Meyrick, 1915. India: Bihar (Pusa: TL). 
Stathmopoda spilozona Meyrick, 1913. Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda stimulata Meyrick, 1913. India; S. India, Assam; Sri Lanka. 
Stathmopoda sycastis Meyrick, 1917. India: Uttar Pradesh; Maharashtra (Mumbai). 
Stathmopoda sycophaga Meyrick, 1913. India: Bihar (Pusa: TL). 
Stathmopoda tacita (Meyrick, 1913). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills: TL). 
Stathmopoda theoris (Meyrick, 1906). India; Sri Lanka (TL). 
Stathmopoda tetrarma Meyrick, 1913. India: Nilgiris (TL). 
Stathmopoda triloba Meyrick, 1913. S. India; Sri Lanka; Nepal.
Stathmopoda xanthomochla Meyrick, 1913. S. India (Tamil Nadu: TL). 
Stathmopoda xeniocosma Meyrick, 1922. S. India (Coorg: TL). 

Photo Gallery and Species Biology

Stathmopoda theoris -

StateJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecNo date
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andhra Pradesh1
Arunachal Pradesh
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Daman & Diu
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu1
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
  1. OD: Aeoloscelis theoris Meyrick, 1906; J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 17 (2): 410; TL: Puttalam, Peradeniya, and Maskeliya, Ceylon. Text at
  2. Kasy, F. 1973. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Familie Stathmopodidae Meyrick, 1913 (Lepidoptera, Gelechioidea). - Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 116(13):227–299.
  3. Park, K.T., Cho, S., Na, S., Shin, Y.M. and Kim, S., 2018. Genus Stathmopoda Herrich-Shäffer (Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae) from the Korean Peninsula with two new species. Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity, 11(2), pp.259-266.
Note (by Jahir Rayhan): Park et al., 2018 synonymises Stathmopoda theoris (Meyrick, 1906)(TL: Sri Lanka) with Stathmopoda auriferalla (Walker, 1864) possibly because Kazy (1973) dissected materials from Museum collection and did not find any notable differences between theoris and auriferalla. But the mtDNA CO1 gene indicates they belong to a species complex rather than a single species. So, it’s logical to keep Indian taxon provisionally as Stathmopoda theoris rather than S. auriferalla. Mark Sterling, NHM, is correctly revising the auriferalla group. Hopefully his work will give a better conclusion to this taxonomic problem. Till then, Indian region species are placed provisionally as Stathmopoda cf. theoris. Family placement based on van Nieukerken et al., 2011. 

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