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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Noctuidae > Noctuinae > Leucaniini > Mythimna

Mythimna separata (Walker, 1865) – Northern Armyworm

Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Adult moth observations that have been databased:
West Bengal
All states
Similiar species:
Mythimna Ochsenheimer, 1816 species known from Indian subcontinent.  
Mythimna fraterna (Moore, 1888). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL). 
Mythimna hackeri Hreblay & Yoshimatsu, 1996. India: Sikkim; Nepal. 
Mythimna legraini (Plante, 1992). India: West Bengal (TL). 
Mythimna sinuosa (Moore, 1882). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL), Arunachal Pradesh. 
Mythimna khasiensis Hreblay, 1998. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL). 
Mythimna suavina Hreblay, 1998. Myanmar (TL). 
Mythimna bicolorata (Plante, 1992). India: West Bengal; Nepal. 
Mythimna godavariensis (Yoshimoto, 1992). Nepal (TL). 
Mythimna anthracoscelis Boursin, 1962. Nepal. 
Mythimna fasciata (Moore, 1881). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL); Nepal.
Mythimna furcifera (Moore, 1882). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL); Nepal.
Mythimna ferrilinea (Leech, 1900). Nepal. 
Mythimna pastellina Hreblay & Legrain, 1996. India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL), Sikkim, Assam; Nepal.
Mythimna rubrisecta (Hampson, 1905). Bhutan (TL). 
Mythimna denticula (Hampson, 1893). Sri Lanka (TL). 
Mythimna sinuosa (Moore, 1882). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL). 
Mythimna daemona Hreblay & Legrain, 1996. Nepal. 
Mythimna lineatipes (Moore, 1881). India: Meghalaya (Cherrapunji: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna nainica (Moore, 1881). India: Uttarakhand (Nainital: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna percisa (Moore, 1888). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL).
Mythimna insularis (Butler, 1880). India: Punjab. 
Mythimna irrorata (Moore, 1881). NW Himalaya. 
Mythimna multipunctata (Hampson, 1918). India: Meghalaya (Shillong: TL). 
Mythimna tangala (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1874). Sri Lanka.
Mythimna pallidicosta (Hampson, 1894). NE India. 
Mythimna renimaculata Hreblay & Legrain, 1996. NW Himalaya; Nepal. 
Mythimna pastea (Hampson, 1905). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna opaca (Staudinger, 1900). India: Kashmir.
Mythimna bifasciata (Moore, 1888). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL), NW Himalaya; Nepal.
Mythimna kambaitiana Berio, 1973. Myanmar (TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna griseofasciata (Moore, 1881). India: Himachal Pradesh (Dalhousie: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna decipiens (Yoshimatsu, 2004). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna nigrilinea (Leech, 1889). India: Punjab (Solun); Sri Lanka. 
Mythimna consanguis (Guenée, 1852). Nepal. 
Mythimna cana (Hampson, 1891). India: Nilgiris (TL). 
Mythimna undicilia (Walker, 1856). Sri Lanka (TL).
Mythimna obscura (Moore, 1882). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL); Nepal.
Mythimna rudis (Moore, 1888). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna nepos (Leech, 1900). India; Nepal; Myanmar. 
Mythimna nepalina Hreblay & Yoshimatsu, 1996. Nepal (TL).
Mythimna perirrorata (Warren, 1913). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL).
Mythimna binigrata (Warren, 1912). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL).
Mythimna grata Hreblay, 1996. Nepal. 
Mythimna distincta (Moore, 1881). India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra: TL), West Bengal; Nepal.
Mythimna rutilitincta Hreblay & Yoshimatsu, 1996. Nepal. 
Mythimna speciosa (Yoshimatsu, 1991). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL). 
Mythimna radiata (Bremer, 1861). Nepal. 
Mythimna moorei (Swinhoe, 1902). ). India: West Bengal; Nepal. 
Mythimna bistrigata (Moore, 1881). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna rufistrigosa (Moore, 1881). India: Punjab (Umbala: TL); Nepal.
Mythimna kerala Hreblay & Legrain, 1999. India: Kerala (TL).
Mythimna exsanguis (Guenée, 1852). Bangladesh (Sylhet: TL); Myanmar.
Mythimna hamifera (Walker, 1862). Sri Lanka.
Mythimna rubida Hreblay, 1996. India: West Bengal (Darjeeling), Himachal Pradesh; Nepal.
Mythimna laxa Hreblay & Yoshimatsu, 1996. India: Sikkim; Nepal. 
Mythimna lepida Hreblay, 1996. India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL).
Mythimna modesta (Moore, 1881). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL).
Mythimna taiwana (Wileman, 1912). Myanmar. 
Mythimna consimilis (Moore, 1881). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL); Nepal. 
Mythimna similissima Hreblay & Yoshimatsu, 1996. Nepal. 
Mythimna intertexta (Chang, 1991). Nepal. 
Mythimna decisissima (Walker, 1865). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL), Sikkim; Nepal; Sri Lanka.
Mythimna dharma (Moore, 1881). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling: TL), Sikkim.
Mythimna ignita (Hampson, 1905). India: Meghalaya (Khasi Hills :TL).
Mythimna formosana (Butler, 1880). India: West Bengal (Darjeeling).
Mythimna hypophaea (Hampson, 1905). Sri Lanka (TL). 
Mythimna goniosigma (Hampson, 1905). Sri Lanka (TL).
Mythimna albivitta (Hampson, 1891). India: Nilgiris (TL). 
Mythimna rufescentalis (Poole, 1989). Sri Lanka (TL).
Mythimna subsignata (Moore, 1881). NW Himalaya. 
Mythimna metaphaea (Hampson, 1905). India: Tamil Nadu (Palni Hills: TL). 
Mythimna albovenosa Hreblay, 1999. India: Kerala (Munnar: TL). 
Mythimna vittata (Hampson, 1891). India: Nilgiris (TL).
Mythimna v-album (Hampson, 1891). India: Nilgiris (TL).
Mythimna munnari Hreblay, 1999. India: Kerala (Munnar: TL).
Mythimna mediana (Moore, 1881). India: Himachal Pradesh (Solun: TL). 
Mythimna reversa (Moore, 1884). India; Sri Lanka.

Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Noctuidae > Noctuinae > Leucaniini > Mythimna

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