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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Boarmiini > Abaciscus

Abaciscus figlina (Swinhoe, 1890)

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West Bengal
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Similiar species:
Abaciscus Butler, 1889 known from India (Kirti et al 2019). 
Abaciscus atmala (Swinhoe, 1894). India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Abaciscus figlina (Swinhoe, 1890). India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya; Myanmar. 
Abaciscus kathmandensis Sato, 1993. Nepal (TL). 
Abaciscus sakuraii Sato, 1994. Nepal (TL).
Abaciscus scinus Sato, 1994. Nepal (TL).
Abaciscus stellifera (Warren, 1896). India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Abaciscus tristis Butler, 1889. India: Kangra, Dharmsala, Himachal Pradesh (TL).

Similar species: Abaciscus kathmandensis Sato, 1996. Nepal. MON Pl. 37/6-7. Has subterminal white spot on forewing, but lacks white costal spots. 
  1. OD: Angerona figlina Swinhoe, 1890. Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 2: 205; pl. 7/5. Text at Plate at
  2. Hampson, G. F. 1895. The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Moths, Vol.3. Taylor & Francis, London. Noctuidae (cont.) to Geometridae 546 p - 226 280, # 3454 as Boarmia figlina
  3. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1994. Moths of Nepal. Part 3. TINEA. Vol. 14 (Supplement 1). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo.Pl. 75/14. As Abaciscus figlina (as figlinus). 
  4. Holloway, J. D. 1993. The moths of Borneo (part 11); Family Geometridae: Subfamilies Ennominae. Malayan Nature Journal 47: 1-309.
Note: Holloway (1993), part 11 removed Abaciscus figlina (Swinhoe, 1890) from synonymy with Abaciscus intractabilis (Walker, 1864) based on genitalia, and we follow this treatement. 

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Boarmiini > Abaciscus

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