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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Boarmiini > Alcis

Alcis variegata (Moore, 1888)

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Alcis harutai Sato (MON Part 2, Pg. 7, Pl. 34: 17, 18; MON Part 5, pg. 20)
. Alcis harutai has a pale area between antemedial and postmedial lines. 
List of Alcis Curtis, 1826 known from India (Kirti et al 2019 and Lepindex). 
Alcis admissaria (Guenée, [1858]). North India. 
Alcis albifera (Moore, 1888. India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis albilnea Sato, 1993.India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis arisema Prout, 1934. India: Tawang, Tale WLS, Arunachal Pradesh. 
Alcis athola (Prout, 1926). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis decussata (Moore, 1868). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis granitaria (Moore, 1888).India: Kashmir: Sind valley, Chamba. 
Alcis holophaearia (Hampson, 1907). India: Kashmir: Dana, Punjab 
Alcis imbecilis (Moore, 1888). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis iterata Butler, 1886. NW India.  
Alcis latifasciata (Warren, 1893). India: Sikkim. 
Alcis maculata (Moore, 1868).India: Bengal.
Alcis macroclarata Sato, 1993. India: Bengal. 
Alcis megaspilaria (Moore, 1867). India. 
Alcis nigralbata Warren, 1893. India: Sikkim. 
Alcis nigridorsaria (Guenée, 1858). India.
Alcis nilgirica Hampson, 1891. India: Nilgiris. 
Alcis orbifer Warren, 1896. India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Alcis perspicuata perspicuata (Moore, 1868). India: Bengal. 
Alcis perspicuata vicana Moore, 1888. India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.  
Alcis pleniferata (Walker, [1863]). Bhutan.  
Alcia prosoica (Wehrli, 1943). India:Himalayas 
Alcis quadrifera (Walker, 1866). India: North India. 
Alcis rufomagrinata (Moore, 1888). India: Bengal. 
Alcis semialba (Moore, 1888). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal, Meghalaya (Khasi Hills).  
Alcis semiclarata (Walker, 1862). India: Sikkim, West Himalaya. 
Alcis stictineura (Hampson, 1907).India: Kashmir, Rala, Koksar. 
Alcis sublimis Butler, 1889. India: Himachal Pradesh (Kangra district, Dharamsala).  
Alcis subnitida Warren, 1893. India: Sikkim, Tonglo, Darjeeling. 
Alcis subolivacea (Hampson, 1907). India: Kashmir, Rala, Koksar. 
Alcis subrufaria Warren, 1893. India: Sikkim. 
Alcis tenera Warren, 1893.India: Sikkim. 
Alcis trikotaria (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875).India: Himalayas. 
Alcis variegata (Moore, 1888). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal, Uttarakhand.  
Alcis variegata nebulosa (Swinhoe, 1891) 
Alcis venustularia (Walker, 1866). North India. 

Alcis vialis (Moore, 1888)is now treated as Harutalcis vialis (Moore, 1888).
Alcis atrostipata (Walker, 1862) is now treated as Harutalcis atrostipata (Walker, 1862).
  1. OD: Pseudocoremia variegata Moore, 1888, in Hewitson & Moore, Descr. new Indian lepid. Insects Colin late Mr Atkinson: 240. TL: Darjeeling. Text at
  2. Hampson, G. F. 1895. The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Moths, Vol.3. Taylor & Francis, London. Noctuidae (cont.) to Geometridae 546 p - 226 266, # 3406 as Boarmia variegata. Hampson mentions Boarmia acaciaria (now Cleora acaciaria) as a similar species, which is quite different. 
  3. Prout, L. B. 1927. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, 31/938 as Cleora variegata
  4. Cleora nebulosa, Swinh. Trans. Ent. Soc. 1891, p. 488. 
  5. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1993. Moths of Nepal. Part 2. TINEA. Vol. 13 (Supplement 3). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo.Pl. 34: 16. 

  6. Sanyal, A.K., Dey, P., Uniyal, V.P., Chandra, K. and Raha, A., 2017. Geometridae Stephens, 1829 from different altitudes in Western Himalayan Protected Areas of Uttarakhand, India.(Lepidoptera: Geometridae). SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterología, 45(177), pp.143-163. Reports this species from Dehradun between 600-800 m. 
 Note: Females of this species are clearly marked while male less distinctively so; hence provisionally identified. Similar species includes Alcis harutai Sato.

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Boarmiini > Alcis

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