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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Noctuidae > Eustrotiinae > Ozarba

Ozarba venata Butler, 1889

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Ozarba mallarba Swinhoe, 1885 and Ozarba punctigera Walker, 1865 are  similar looking species. 

Ozarba punctigera Walker, 1865 has the post-medial line beyond the dark medial band as straight, while it is sinuous in venata. 
Metachrostis punctigera, FBI, Moths of India, Hampson, Vol 2 pg 329, #2081
Ozarba mallarba Swinhoe, 1885 has has the post-medial line as straight, while it is sinuous in venata. The basal and ante-medial lines in mallarba are double pale lines.

Ozarba Walker, 1865 species known from the Indian subcontinent
Ozarba albimarginata (Hampson, 1895). Gujarat.
Ozarba badia (Swinhoe, 1886). Madhya Pradesh. 
Ozarba bipars Hampson, 1891. Tamil Nadu. 
Ozarba delogramma Warren, 1913. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Ozarba excisa Hampson, 1891. Tamil Nadu. 
Ozarba glaucescens Hampson, 1910. Andhra Pradesh. 
Ozarba hemiphaea (Hampson, 1907). Andhra Pradesh; Sri Lanka. 
Ozarba honesta (Walker, 1865). S. India. 
Ozarba hypenoides (Butler, 1889). Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim. 
Ozarba illosis (Hampson, 1907). Sri Lanka. 
Ozarba incondita Butler, 1889. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand; Nepal. 
Ozarba itwarra Swinhoe, 1885. Maharashtra. 
Ozarba lamina (Swinhoe, 1901). Myanmar. 
Ozarba limitata Berio, 1940. Sikkim. 
Ozarba mallarba Swinhoe, 1885. Maharashtra, Punjab. 
Ozarba metallica (Hampson, 1896). Sri Lanka.
Ozarba molybdota Hampson, 1910. Sri Lanka.
Ozarba pallida Hampson, 1910. Gujarat. 
Ozarba phlebitis Hampson, 1910. Uttar Pradesh. 
Ozarba punctigera Walker, 1865. Nepal.
Ozarba rectifascia (Hampson, 1894). Maharashtra.
Ozarba rectificata Berio, 1950. Madhya Pradesh.
Ozarba reducta Berio, 1940. Karnataka.
Ozarba rufula Hampson, 1910. Gujarat.
Ozarba semirubra Hampson, 1910. Tamil Nadu. 
Ozarba subdentula Hampson, 1910. Sri Lanka.
Ozarba transversa (Moore, [1884]). Sri Lanka.
Ozarba uberosa (Swinhoe, 1885). Maharashtra.
Ozarba umbrifera Hampson, 1910. Gujarat.
Ozarba venata Butler, 1889. Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir.
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  2. Plate at
  3. Metachrostis venata, Butler. Hampson, G. F. 1894. The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Moths, Vol. 2. Taylor & Francis, London. Arctiidae, Agrostidae, Noctuidae 609 p - 325 330, # 2086.
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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Noctuidae > Eustrotiinae > Ozarba

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