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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Larentiinae > Cidariini > Nebula

Nebula homophana (Hampson, 1895)

Indian and global distribution:
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West Bengal
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Similiar species:
Similar species from India
Colostygia albigirata (Kollar, [1844])
Colostygia ustipennis (Hampson, 1895)

Compared with Colostygia albigirata (Kollar, [1844]), antenna is not bipectinated, FW ante medial line has a distinct tooth subcostally & is more irregular posteriorly, the outward projection of the post-medial line is more rounded, & the overall marginal band is broader.
Colostygia ustipennis (Hampson, 1895): male antennae bipectinated, reddish fawn. 
Coenotephria homophoeta Prout, 1926:male antennae subdentate, brownish suffusion at certain places, light cinnamon wash in distal area & a clear white spot (Seitz Vol 12).
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  2. Cidaria homophana; Seitz, A. (Ed.). 1934. The Macrolepidoptera of the World,  Supplement 4. pp. 1-248. Pg. 140, Pl.13i. Text at Plate at
  3. Coenotephria homophana; Seitz, A. (Ed.). 1920.The Macrolepidoptera of the World, Vol. 12, pg. 268. Text at
  4. Prout, L. B. 1924. New Palearctic Geometridae. Bulletin of the Hill Musuem, 478-483. Part 2, pg. 482. Text at Considers petri as a subspecies. 
  5. Antepirrhoe homophana; Warren, W. 1905. New American Thyrididae, Uraniidae, and Geometridae. Novit. Zool. 12: 307–379. 
  6. Choi, S.W., 2001. Phylogeny of Eulithis Hübner and related genera (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), with an implication of wing pattern evolution. American Museum Novitates, 2001(3318), pp.1-37. Mentioned that he was not able to examine this specimen to assess genus.
  7. Scoble, M.J. & A. Hausmann [updated 2007]: Online list of valid and available names of the Geometridae of the World [] [accessed 26 December 2021] for placement as Nebula homophana (Hampson, 1895). 

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Larentiinae > Cidariini > Nebula

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