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Lepidoptera > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Siculodinae > Siculodini > Herdonia

Herdonia osacesalis Walker, 1859

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Arunachal Pradesh
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Herdonia Walker, 1859 species known from India
Herdonia approximata Inoue, 1993
Herdonia gigantea Inoue, 1993
Herdonia osacesalis Walker, 1859
Herdonia thaiensis Inoue, 1993

Herdonia osacesalis Walker, 1859: Antennae laminate (Figure 46, 47, Inoue, 1993). Abdomen white, terminal half faintly red-brown, red-brown basal band.

Herdonia thaiensis Inoue, 1993: Macular sub-marginal band on FW is more prominent. Strong projections of macular band near apex and near tornus. Pale area on HW outside submarginal lines weakly striated with blackish brown. 

Herdonia gigantea Inoue, 1993: FW with double blackish costal bars below apex. HW sub-basal band pinched or angled in the middle. Large size. Whitish at FW apex. Four black lines on subterminal band on HW. 

All three species at: 

Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1998. Moths of Nepal. Part 5. TINEA. Vol. 15 (Supplement 1). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo. Pl 139. 

Herdonia approximata Inoue, 1993. Chandra et al. 2019.Pl. 48.3. 

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  5. [accessed 09 August 2021]

Lepidoptera > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Siculodinae > Siculodini > Herdonia

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