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Lepidoptera > Tortricoidea > Tortricidae > Tortricinae > Ceracini > Cerace

Cerace stipatana Walker, 1863

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Cerace Walker, 1863 species from the Indian subcontinent. 
Cerace cyanopyga Diakonoff, 1950. India; Myanmar.
Cerace loxodes Meyrick, 1912. India; Myanmar.
Cerace onustana Walker, 1863. India (Assam, Sikkim, West Bengal); Nepal.

Cerace sardias Meyrick, 1907. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.  
Cerace stipatana Walker, 1863. India (Himalayas); Silhet, Bangladesh. 
Cerace tetraonis Butler 1886. Darjeeling, West Bengal, Meghalaya. 
Cerace xanthothrix Diakonoff, 1950. Naga Hills, Myanmar. 
Cerace xanthocosma Diakonoff, 1950. India (synonym Cerace guttana). Assam, Meghalaya; Bangladesh.  
Cerace stipatana Walker, 1863 is the only Indian Cerace species with white hindwing. All the other species have yellow hindwing, which is essential to support identification. 
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  4. [accessed 19 June 2021]

Lepidoptera > Tortricoidea > Tortricidae > Tortricinae > Ceracini > Cerace

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