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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Hypochrosini > Hypochrosis

Hypochrosis abstractaria (Walker, [1863])

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Arunachal Pradesh
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Similiar species:
Hypochrosis Guenée, [1858] species in India vide Kirti et al 2019.
Hypochrosis abstractaria (Walker, [1863]). Nepal, E. Himalaya. 
Hypochrosis amaurospila Yazaki, 1995. Nepal. 
Hypochrosis baenzigeri Inoue, 1982. Assam. 
Hypochrosis binexata (Walker, [1863]). Assam. 
Hypochrosis flavifusata (Moore, 1888). E. Himalaya. 
Hypochrosis hyadaria Guenée, [1858]. Himalayas, S. India. 
Hypochrosis iris (Butler, 1880). Nepal, E. Himalaya. 
Hypochrosis pyrrhophaeata (Walker, [1863]). E. Himalaya. 
Hypochrosis sternaria Guenée, [1858]. E. Himalaya. 
Hypochrosis venusa Swinhoe, 1894. Meghalaya. 
  1. Lagyra ? abstractaria Walker, [1863]. List Spec. Lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus. 26: 1485. Text at TL: “Hindostan”. Description of the pale form.
  2. Marcala irrorata Moore, 1888. Descr. Indian lep. Atkinson (3): 232. Text at 
  3. Decetia tinctaria Walker, [1863]. List Spec. Lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus. 26: 1522. Text at
  4. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1992. Moths of Nepal. Part 1. TINEA. Vol. 13 (Supplement 2). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo.Pl. 12/12.Incorrectly identified as H. hyadaria
  5. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1995. Moths of Nepal. Part 4. TINEA. Vol. 14 (Supplement 2). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo.Pg. 19, Pl. 101/2-3. 
  6. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 2000. Moths of Nepal. Part 6. TINEA. Vol. 16 (Supplement 1). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo.Pg. 103, 104. 
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  8. [accessed 24 May 2021]

Notes on species
Separating Hypochrosis hyadaria and Hypochrosis abstractaria: Hypochrosis abstractaria has a longer and flatter half oval at apex, while in hyadaria, it is a smaller, more rounded half oval. The postdiscal line in abstractaria touches forewing apex tip, while in hyadaria, the postdiscal line touches the half oval spot, rather than reaching the apex. The forewing of abstractaria is more produced than hyadaria, which has a more rounded forewing, and concave costa. On the underside, many individuals of hyadaria are reddish beyond the postmedial to the forewing margin (though some individuals may lack the reddish tinge). Individuals of abstractaria lack a reddish margin, and the entire wing is similarly coloured on the underside. Generally, abstractaria has a blackish spot or blotch near the forewing tornus, which is absent in hyadaria. 

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Hypochrosini > Hypochrosis

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