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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Ennominae incertae sedis > Anonychia

Anonychia diversilinea Warren 1897

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Himachal Pradesh
All states
Similiar species:
Kirti et al 2019 list the following species of Anonychia Warren, 1893
Anonychia diversilinea Warren 1897. Nepal, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim.
Anonychia exilis Yazaki 1994. Nepal. 
Anonychia grisea (Butler, 1883). India, Nepal. 
Anonychia lativitta (Moore, 1888). Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal. 
Anonychia pallida Warren 1897. Shimla. 
Anonychia strebla Prout 1926. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Anonychia trifasciata Hampson 1902. Tibet, Sikkim. 
Anonychia violacea Moore, 1888. Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh. 

Notes on species
Lepindex lists Anonychia exilis Yazaki 1994 as a synonym of Anonychia grisea (Butler, 1883). The Forum Herbulot does not list Anonychia exilis Yazaki 1994 as a valid species. Kirti et al 2019 list both species as valid. 
Lepindex lists Anonychia violacea Moore, 1888 as a synonym of Anonychia strebla Prout 1926, which cannot be so, as the former has priority. The Forum Herbulot, too, lists Anonychia strebla Prout 1926 as a valid species but does not list Anonychia violacea Moore, 1888 as a valid species. Kirti et al. 2019 list both species as valid. 
  1. Anonychia diversilinea Warren 1897. Nov. Zool. 4:101. TL: Sikkim. 
  2. Prout, J. B. 1926, JBNHS, Vol. 31, Pg. 790, #187. Htawgaw, Myanmar 
  3. Haruta, T. (Ed.). 1993. Moths of Nepal. Part 2. TINEA. Vol. 13 (Supplement 3). The Japan Heterocerists’ Society, Tokyo. Pl. 60/15.
Notes on species
Anonychia diversilinea was treated as a synonym of Anonychia grisea by Hampson, FBI, Vol. 3 and Seitz Macro. Lep. Vol. 4, Pg. 338, Pl. 17h. However, The Forum Herbulot treats the two species as distinct. Anonychia diversilinea has stronger and broader markings and the ante-medial line is oblique, while in grisea it is straight. The image in Chandra et al 2020, Pl. 85.2, seems to be an incorrect identification, and this is diversilinea, and not grisea.

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Ennominae incertae sedis > Anonychia

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