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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Erebidae > Hypeninae > Hypena

Hypena conscitalis Walker, [1866]

Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Adult moth observations that have been databased:
West Bengal
All states
Similiar species:
Hypena Schrank, 1802 species known from the Indian subregion.
Hypena abducalis Walker, [1859]. India. 
Hypena abnormalis Hampson, 1912. Sri Lanka.
Hypena abyssinialis Guenée, 1854. N. India. 
Hypena aenescens Hampson, 1907. S. India; Sri Lanka. 
Hypena albifusa Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena albisigna (Moore, 1882). Meghalaya. 
Hypena assimilis Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena castanealis Moore, 1867. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena castaneipalpis Swinhoe, 1895. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. 
Hypena cidarioides Moore, 1882. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena colombana Moore, [1885]. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena conscitalis Walker, [1866]. India. 
Hypena cyanea (Hampson, 1893). Sri Lanka. 
Hypena daria Swinhoe, 1891. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena denticulata (Moore, 1882). Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena detersalis Walker, [1859]. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena divaricata Moore, 1882. Assam, Meghalaya. 
Hypena duplicilinea Hampson, 1895. Sikkim. 
Hypena elongalis (Fabricius, 1794). Nilgiris. 
Hypena extensa Walker, [1866]. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena externa Moore, 1882. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena gonospilalis Walker, [1866]. Indo-Australian tropics. 
Hypena griseapex Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena griseipennis Moore, 1882. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. 
Hypena hamata Hampson, 1895. Naga Hills. 
Hypena iconicalis Walker, [1859]. Indian subregion.
Hypena irrota (Wileman & South, 1917). Sikkim. 
Hypena jocosalis Walker, [1859]. Sri Lanka; S. India. 
Hypena jugalis Walker, [1859]. E. Himalaya.
Hypena labatalis Walker, [1859]. India; Sri Lanka. 
Hypena laceratalis Walker, [1859]. Indian subregion.
Hypena lacessalis Walker, [1859]. N. India.
Hypena laxia Swinhoe, 1891. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena lignealis Walker, [1866]. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena lividalis (Hübner, 1796). Indo-Australian tropics. 
Hypena longipennis Walker, [1866]. India. 
Hypena mandatalis Walker, [1859]. India; Sri Lanka. 
Hypena mediana Moore, 1882. Parisnath, Jharkhand. 
Hypena minor Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena molpusalis Walker, 1859. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena narratalis Walker, [1859]. N. India. 
Hypena nigrescens (Moore, 1881). Mumbai, Maharashtra. 
Hypena nocturnalis Swinhoe, 1896. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. 
Hypena obacerralis Walker, [1859]. Indo-Australian tropics. 
Hypena obductalis Walker, [1859]. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena obfuscalis Hampson, 1893. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena obstupidalis Swinhoe, 1885. (Pune, Nilgiris) S. & W. India. 
Hypena olivaceoides Poole, 1989. Nilgiris. 
Hypena olypea (Swinhoe, 1918). Mumbai, Maharashtra. 
Hypena ophiusoides Moore, 1882. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena perdricipennis Hampson, 1898. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena persimilis Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris.
Hypena phecomalis Swinhoe, 1905. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena quaesitalis Walker, [1859]. Sri Lanka.
Hypena rhombalis Guenée, 1854. India. 
Hypena rivula Hampson, 1907. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 
Hypena robustalis Snellen, 1880. India. 
Hypena rostralis (Linnaeus, 1758). N. India. 
Hypena rufirena Hampson, 1895. Sikkim. 
Hypena similata Moore, 1882. N. India. 
Hypena sinuisigna Hampson, 1907. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena squamea Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena strigatus (Fabricius, 1798). Indo-Australian tropics.
Hypena strigifascia Moore, 1882. Darjeeling, West Bengal. 
Hypena strigosa Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris.
Hypena surreptalis Walker, [1859]. Sri Lanka. 
Hypena telamonalis Walker, [1859].E. Himalaya. 
Hypena tortuosa Moore, 1882. Darjeeling, Meghalaya.
Hypena umbripennis Moore, 1882. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Hypena uncipennis Swinhoe, 1895. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. 
Hypena uniformis Hampson, 1891. Nilgiris. 
Hypena uniformoides Poole, 1989. Meghalaya. 
Hypena varialis Walker, [1866]. Indian subregion.
Hypena vestita (Moore, [1885]). India; Sri Lanka.

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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Erebidae > Hypeninae > Hypena

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