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Lepidoptera > Zygaenoidea > Phaudidae > Phaudinae > Phauda

Phauda triadum (Walker, 1854)

Phauda triadum erythra is being treated as a subspecies of Phauda triadum. It is likely that this will be a separate species and needs to be investigated. 
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  1. OD: Phauda triadum erythra Jordan, 1907. in Seitz. Macro. Lep. Vol. 10. pg. 7. Pl. 1e. TL: Belgaum, Karnataka. 
  2. OD: Euchromia triadum Walker, 1854. Cat. Lep. Het. Brit. Mus. 1:257, n. 99. TL: N. China. Text at
  3. Snellen, 1903. Tidschr Ent. 45: 241. Pl. 13/13 as flammans.
Jordan mentions a single female specimen in NHM, London from Belgaum, in which the entire FW is crimson, with only the fringes of the outer margin blue-black, beneath a large purple black marginal spot. Very good macth to the image in plate 1e. Jordan also mentions that the abdomen above and below are black. In all all likelihood, given the geographical separation, this will be a separate species, rather than a subspecies of P. triadum

Updated on 7 Nov 2020. With availability of additional information and emergence of a male after rearing, it was determined that the individuals from Dehradun, Uttarakhand were incorrectly identified as Phauda flammans. These were actually Phauda triadum females, which have a black abdomen below and simple antennae unlike the male triadum which has a grey abdomen below, pectinnate antennae and hair tufts. Other differences noted which are not mentioned in lterature are:
Male: frons grey, antennae not white-tipped.
Female: frons red, antennae white-tipped. 

Lepidoptera > Zygaenoidea > Phaudidae > Phaudinae > Phauda

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