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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Erebidae > Boletobiinae > Aventiini > Enispa

Enispa rosellus Hampson [1893]

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Enispa Walker, [1866] species known from the Indian subcontinent.

Enispa albilineata (Hampson, 1898). Dharamsala, Khasis.

Enispa albinellus (Hampson, 1896). Sri Lanka.

Enispa albitegulata (Warren, 1913). Khasi Hills.

Enispa algae Hampson, 1910. S. India.

Enispa atricincta (Hampson, 1907). Sri Lanka.

Enispa croceicincta (Hampson, 1903). Sri Lanka.

Enispa elataria (Walker, 1861). Sri Lanka.

Enispa erythroglauca Hampson, 1910. Madras.

Enispa etrocta Hampson, 1910. Madras.

Enispa ferreofusa Hampson, 1910. Madras.

Enispa griseipennis (Hampson, 1891). Nilgiris.

Enispa inversa (Warren, 1913). Khasi Hills.

Enispa leprosa Hampson, 1910. Sikkim.

Enispa leucogramma Hampson, 1910. Bhutan.

Enispa lichenostola Hampson, 1910. Madras.

Enispa minuta (Hampson, 1893). Sri Lanka

Enispa purpurascens (Hampson, 1907). Sri Lanka

Enispa regulata (Walker, 1861). India.

Enispa rosea (Hampson, 1893). Sri Lanka
Enispa rosellaria Pellinen, 2017. Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Thailand. 

Enispa roseata (Hampson, 1902). Shimla.

Enispa rosellus (Hampson, 1893). Sri Lanka

Enispa rufapicia Hampson, 1918. Sri Lanka

Enispa vinacea (Hampson, 1891). Nilgiris. 

  1. OD: Micraeschus rosellus Hampson [1893]. Ill. Het. Brit. Mus. 9:126, Pl. 170:17. 
  2. Pellinen, M. 2017. Description of a new species of Enispa Walker, 1866 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Boletobiinae) from Thailand. Zootaxa 4272 (4): 587–590. Fig. 2a, 2b. 
  3. Hampson, G. F. 1894. The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Moths,  Vol. 2. Taylor & Francis, London. Arctiidae, Agrostidae, Noctuidae 609 p - 325 figs.Pg. 352, # 2160. Listed as Micraeschus rosellus

Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Erebidae > Boletobiinae > Aventiini > Enispa

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