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Lepidoptera > Bombycoidea > Saturniidae > Saturniinae > Saturniini > Antheraea

Antheraea roylei Moore, 1858 – Himalayan Oak Tasar Silk Moth

Replaces Antheraea pernyi roylei, which was earlier on the website. See notes on similar species. 
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Antheraea pernyi is an extralimital species, which has been bred in captitivty in India for sericulture, but is considered of genetic origin from Antheraea roylei. Wild populations of this species in India are likely to be Antheraea roylei (Peigler, 2012).
A similar species also found in Indian Himalayas is Antheraea knyvetti

List of Antheraea Hübner, [1819] species known from India.
Antheraea andamana Moore, 1877. India: Andamans.
Antheraea assamensis Helfer, 1837. Myanmar; India: North India, Assam.
Antheraea cingalesa Moore, 1883. Sri Lanka.
Antheraea helferi Moore, 1859. India: NE Himalaya.
Antheraea imperator Watson, 1913. India: NE Himalaya.
Antheraea jana (Stoll, 1782). Myanmar; India: Andamans Is.
Antheraea paphia Linnaeus, 1758 (= A. mylitta). Sri Lanka; India.
Antheraea roylei Moore, 1859. Nepal; Myanmar; India: Himalayas.
Antheraea yamanai (Guénerin-Méneville, 1861). Sri Lanka; India: North India.

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Lepidoptera > Bombycoidea > Saturniidae > Saturniinae > Saturniini > Antheraea

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