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Lepidoptera > Lasiocampoidea > Lasiocampidae > Lasiocampinae > Odonestini > Odonestis

Odonestis pruni (Linnaeus, 1758) – Plum Lappet

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Odonestis species in India

Odonestis pruni oberthueri Nepal, NE India

Odonestis erectilinea erectilinea NE India

Odonestis bheroba bheroba Sri Lanka, NE India, Nepal

Odonestis vita indica NE India (Bengal, Meghalaya), Bangladesh

Odonestis ceylonica S. India (Karnataka), Sri Lanka

Odonestis belli coast of SW India

Odonestis filigranica Andamans
Best separated by genitalia. 

Sergeev & V. Zolotuhin, 2009 and Hampson, 1992. 
Odonestis pruni based on Sergeev & V. Zolotuhin, 2009 "Wing ground colour varies from dark yellow to reddish orange, with a brown pattern. Outer margin of both wings is dentate. White round discal spot is typical for the forewing. Postmedial fascia is fine but distinct, strongly concave; antemedial fascia is weak, concave and external is fine dentate."


  1. OD: Odonestis pruni oberthueri Tams, 1935 Mem. Mus. Royal Hist. nat. Belg. 4 (12): 57, pl. 6: 8, 9; pl. 8: 5. Type locality: [China, Sichuan] “frontiere orientale du Tibet”. 
  2. Odonestis pruni assamensis Tams, 1935, Mem. Mus. Royal Hist. nat. Belg. 4 (12): 57, pl. 6: 10, 11; pl. 8: 6. Type locality: northern India, Assam, Khasia Hills.
  3. Sergeev, A. I. & V. V. Zolotuhin. 2009. A review of the genus Odonestis Germar, 1812 with descriptions of two new species and one new subspecies (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae). Atalanta 41 (3/4): 375-396. Pg. 388. Pl. 14/7-9. 

Lepidoptera > Lasiocampoidea > Lasiocampidae > Lasiocampinae > Odonestini > Odonestis

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