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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Nolidae > Nolinae > Nola

Nola lucidalis (Walker, 1864)

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There are thirty-one species of Nola Leech, 1815 known from India (Joshi et al.2019). 

Joshi, R., Singh, N. and Laszlo, G.M., 2019. An updated Checklist of subfamily Nolinae (Lepidoptera, Nolidae) from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 119(3), pp.263-281.

List of Nola Leach, In Brewster [1815] 1830 known from India.
Nola analis (Wileman and West, 1928) (Celema). South India; Sri Lanka; Nepal.
Nola angulata (Moore, 1888) (Roeselia). India (NW Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu); Sri Lanka.
Nola astigma Hampson, 1894. India (West Bengal, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland).
Nola atrocincta Inoue, 1998. India (Sikkim); Nepal.
Nola cingalesa (Moore, 1882). India (Tamil Nadu, Nilgiris); Sri Lanka.
Nola cretacea (Hampson, 1901) (Celama). India (Maharashtra, West Bengal, South India); Nepal.
Nola defreina László, Ronkay and Witt, 2010. India (Assam, Meghalaya, Eastern Himalaya); Central Nepal.
Nola duplicilinea (Hampson, 1900) (Celama). India (Sikkim, N.E. Himalaya); Nepal.
Nola endotherma (Hampson, 1918) (Celama). India (Meghalaya).
Nola erythrostigmata Hampson, 1894. India (N.E. Himalaya, Assam); Bhutan.
Nola euryzonata (Hampson, 1900) (Celama). India (Mizoram).
Nola fasciata (Walker, 1866) (Minnagara). India (Sikkim, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, N.E. Himalaya); Sri Lanka; Nepal.
Nola fraterna (Moore, 1888) (Roeselia). India (Himachal Pradesh, N.W. Himalaya, Himalaya, Andamans)
Nola fuscantea (van Eecke, 1920) (Celama). India (Sikkim, West Bengal); Nepal.
Nola infralba Inoue, 1976. India (Arunachal Pradesh).
Nola internella (Walker, 1864) (Pisara). India (West Bengal, Maharashtra, Nilgiris); Bhutan; Sri Lanka.
Nola lucidalis (Walker, 1864 [1865]) (Pisara). India (Sikkim, Indian Subregion); Sri Lanka.
Nola marginata Hampson, 1895. India (Sikkim, Himalaya); Bhutan.
Nola mesomelana (Hampson, 1900) (Celama). India (Sikkim, N.E. Himalaya).
Nola mesosticta (Hampson, 1900) (Neonola). India (Sikkim, Indian Subregion); Sri Lanka.
Nola negrita Hampson, 1894. India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu); Sri Lanka.
Nola ochrolopha (Hampson, 1911) (Celama). India (Sikkim, N.E. Himalaya).
Nola pascua (Swinhoe, 1885) (Roeselia). India (Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Maharashtra); Sri Lanka.
Nola polia Hampson, 1900 (Celama). India (Sikkim).
Nola pumila Snellen, 1875. India (Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Nilgiris).
Nola quadrimaculata Heylaerts, 1892. India (N.E. Himalaya, South India).
Nola sikkima (Moore, 1888) (Roeselia). India (Sikkim, West Bengal); East Nepal.
Nola spinivesica Holloway, 2003. India.
Nola spreta Butler, 1880. India (Nilgiris, Nagaland, Assam)
Nola suffusa (Hampson, 1900) (Celama). India (Sikkim).
Nola taeniata Snellen, 1875. India (Punjab, West Bengal, Indian sub-region); Sri Lanka; Nepal; Myanmar.
Nola thyrophora (Hampson, 1914) (Pisara). North India; Bhutan; Myanmar.
Nola wernerthomasi László, Ronkay and Witt, 2010. India (Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya); Nepal.
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Lepidoptera > Noctuoidea > Nolidae > Nolinae > Nola

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