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Lepidoptera > Pyraloidea > Crambidae > Pyraustinae > Paliga

Paliga damastesalis (Walker, 1859) – Teak Leaf Skeletonizer

This is a species complex consisting of possibly 3 species. Paliga damastesalis, Paliga rubicundalis and Paliga machoeralis. All of them are known to skeletonise Tectona grandis leaves. Genitalia and/or barcoding needed to separate species with certainty. 
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  1. Senthilkumar, N. & S. Murugesan. 2015. Insect pests of important tree species in South India and their management information. Published by Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (Coimbatore).
  2. Paliga damastesalis (Walker, 1859: 1013–1014) (Scopula) type locality: Sri Lanka [Ceylon]
  3. Hampson, G. 1896. The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Moths, Vol.4. Taylor & Francis, London. Pyralidae 594 p - 287 figs. Pg. 433, # 5231. Listed as Pyrausta machoeralis. Lists damastesalis as synonym of machoeralis. Lists fuscicostalis and rubicundalis as forms. 

Lepidoptera > Pyraloidea > Crambidae > Pyraustinae > Paliga

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