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Lepidoptera > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Thyridinae > Dysodia

Dysodia laevis Warren, 1900

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Dysodia pennitarsis
Dysodia rajah
Notes from "Similar species" section at Pyralids of Borneo states

This species (D. laevis) is difficult to distinguish from D. pennitarsis Hampson, 1906 but there are subtle differences in the FW and HW fasciae which are thicker. The abdomen bears a series of darker spots in D. laevis and the vertex is pale in D. pennitarsis. It is also similar to D. rajah in patterning but the course of the fascia on the HW is totally different. Warren (1900) comments, ‘distinguished from D. fenestrata Moore by the smoothness of scaling and the hyaline spot’.
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Dysodia Clemens, 1860 species known from Indian subcontinent
Dysodia ignita (Walker, [1866]). Assam, Sikkim; Sri Lanka; Bangladesh; Myanmar.
Dysodia fenestrata Moore, 1881. Sikkim, Assam; Sri Lanka. 
Dysodia laevis Warren, 1900. Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya; Sri Lanka; Laos; Myanmar.
Dysodia miniata Walker, 1863.  S. India, Sikkim. 
Dysodia rajah rajah (Boisduval, 1874). Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya; Nepal; Bangladesh.
Dysodia siccifolia Moore, 1881. West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim.
Dysodia taprobana Moore, 1884. ‘Hindustan’, Tamil Nadu, Assam; Bangladesh; Sri Lanka.
Dysodia viridatrix Walker, [1858]. Sri Lanka; Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam. 


  1. OD: Dysodia laevis at Warren, W. 1900. New Genera and Species of Drepanulidae, Thyrididae, Epiplemidae and Geometridae from the Indo-Australian and Palaearctic Regions. Novitates Zoologicae. Vol. 7. Pg. 100 at

Lepidoptera > Thyridoidea > Thyrididae > Thyridinae > Dysodia

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