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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Geometrinae > Pseudoterpnini > Pingasa

Pingasa ruginaria (Guenée, [1858]) – Bordered Duster

Indian and global distribution:
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
All states
Similiar species:
Many similar species in the genus: P. alba, P. rubicunda, P. rubimontana, P. chloroides, P. lariaria amongst others. 
Moths of Borneo states: This species resembles several of its congeners superficially but can always be distinguished by the rather weakly crenulate postmedials that are strongly sinuous on the hindwing and excavate centrally on the forewing so that the white medial area bulges into the dark border. In addition, the base of underwings are more yellow than any of the other congeners. 

List of known Pingasa from India based on Kirti et al. (2019).
Pingasa alba alba Swinhoe, 1891. India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.
Pingasa chlora chlora (Stoll, 1782). India: Indian Himalaya.
Pingasa crenaria (Guenée, 1858). India: Central India.
Pingasa dispensata dispensata (Walker, 1860). India: North India.
Pingasa elutriata Prout, 1916. India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.
Pingasa lariaria (Walker, 1860). India: Bengal.
Pingasa pseudoterpinaria gracilis Prout, 1916. India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. 
Pingasa pseudoterpinaria tephrosiaria Guenée, 1858. India: NW Himalaya. 
Pingasa rubicunda Warren, 1894. India: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.
Pingasa rufofasciata Moore, 1888. India: Darjeeling, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh.
Pingasa ruginaria ruginaria (Guenée, [1858]). India: North India.
Pingasa ruginaria andamanica Prout, 1916. India: South Andaman, Port Blair.
Pingasa subviridis Warren, 1896. India: Cherrapunji, Meghalaya.
Pingasa venusta Warren, 1894. India: Sikkim.

Unconfirmed records
Pingasa multispurcata Prout, 1913. An African species.


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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Geometrinae > Pseudoterpnini > Pingasa

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