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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Baptini > Orthobrachia

Orthobrachia hirowatarii Huang & Stüning, 2016

Indian and global distribution:
BK250 is a range extension to India of a species described in 2016.
records (based on images):
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Adult moth observations that have been databased:
Arunachal Pradesh
All states
Similiar species:
Orthobrachia Warren, 1895 species known from India
Orthobrachia hirowatarii Huang & Stüning, 2016
Orthobrachia flavidior Hampson,1898
Orthobrachia latifasciata (Moore, 1888)
Orthobrachia tenebrosa Yazaki, 1992
  1. Huang, G-H, Su, Z-Y. & Stüning, D. 2016. Taxonomic notes on the genus Orthobrachia Warren, with description of a new species from China and Thailand (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). ZooKeys 609: 121-137.

Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Ennominae > Baptini > Orthobrachia

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