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Lepidoptera > Zygaenoidea > Zygaenidae > Chalcosiinae > Histia

Histia flabellicornis (Fabricius, 1775)

Numerous subspecies of Histia flabellicornis are listed globally (Inoue, 1992). The South Indian population is considered as Histia flabellicornis nilgira Moore, 1879, while the rest of the Indian population is Histia flabellicornis flabellicornis (Fabricius, 1775) following Inoue (1992). The original description of Histia flabellicornis, the nominate species is from the Americas. Some authors lists Histia rhodope as the valid species. However, we follow Lepindex with Histia flabellicornis being the valid taxon, priority being given to this taxon based on year of publication by Fabricius.
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  1. Zygaena flabellicornis Fabricius, 1775; Syst. Ent.: 831. Text at
  2. Papilio rhodope Cramer, [1775]; Uitl. Kapellen 1 (1-7): pl. 30, f. E. Plate at
  3. Histia nilgira Moore, 1879. Descr. Lep. Ind. Atkinson: 18. S. India. Text at
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Lepidoptera > Zygaenoidea > Zygaenidae > Chalcosiinae > Histia

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