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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Larentiinae > Asthenini > Hydrelia

Hydrelia ornata (Moore, [1868])

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Arunachal Pradesh
All states
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List of known Hydrelia from India based on Kirti et al. (2019).
Hydrelia bicolorata (Moore, 1868), India: Bengal.
Hydrelia cingulata Hampson, 1896. India: Sikkim/Tibet border, Yatong, 10000ft.
Hydrelia crocearia Hampson, 1896. India: Sikkim.
Hydrelia ferruginaria (Moore, 1867).
Hydrelia flavilinea (Warren, 1893). India: Tonglo or Tonglu, West Bengal.
Hydrelia lineata (Warren, 1893). India: Sikkim.
Hydrelia marginipunctata Warren, 1893. India: Sikkim.
Hydrelia ornata (Moore, 1868). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.
Hydrelia rhodoptera Hampson, 1895. India: Sikkim.
Hydrelia rubraria Hampson, 1903. India: Sikkim/Tibet border, Yatong, Arunachal Pradesh.
Hydrelia rufigrisea (Warren, 1893). India: Sikkim.
Hydrelia rufinota Hampson, 1896. India: Sikkim, 12000ft.
Hydrelia sanguiflua Hampson, 1896. India: Yatong, Sikkim/Tibet border, Arunachal Pradesh.
Hydrelia sericea sericea (Butler, 1880). India: NE Himalaya.
Hydrelia subobliquaria (Moore, 1868). India: Bengal.
Hydrelia undulosata (Moore, 1888). India: Darjeeling, West Bengal.
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Lepidoptera > Geometroidea > Geometridae > Larentiinae > Asthenini > Hydrelia

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