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Lepidoptera > Drepanoidea > Drepanidae > Drepaninae > Drepanini > Teldenia

Teldenia vestigiata (Butler, 1880)

Indian and global distribution:
Sikkim, Nagaland, Sri Lanka (Hampson, 1892), reported from Kumaon (Smetacek, 2002), Nepal.
records (based on images):
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Adult moth observations that have been databased:
Tamil Nadu
West Bengal
All states
Similiar species:
Teldenia Moore, [1883] species known from the Indian subcontinent
Teldenia alba Moore, [1883]. Sri Lanka.
Teldenia obsoleta Warren, 1896. Myanmar. 
Teldenia specca Wilkinson, 1967. E. Himalaya.
Teldenia vestigiata Butler, 1880. India; Nepal.

These species are best separated by examining male genitalia (Wilikinson, 1967). Teldenia specca Wilkinson, 1967 is known from the E. Himalaya and Teldenia alba Moore, [1883] from Sri Lanka. Hence E. Himalayan populations could be T. specca and some south Indian individuals could be T. alba. However, this can only be established by examining genitalia.
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Lepidoptera > Drepanoidea > Drepanidae > Drepaninae > Drepanini > Teldenia

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