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Lepidoptera > Bombycoidea > Bombycidae > Bombycinae > Penicillifera

Penicillifera apicalis (Walker, 1862)

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Similar species: Penicillifera lactea (Hutton, 1865).

Diagnosis as per Wang et al. (2015). 

Diagnosis (P. apicalis). Characterized by the following characters: forewing gray-white; apex of discal cell with four (males) or one (females) black dot; inner margin of hindwing with three black dots; uncus entirely bifid, the two parts outcurved apically; aedeagus curved near base. 

Diagnosis. This species (P. lactea) is very similar to P. apicalis, but can be distinguished by the following characters: abdomen pale gray; costal margin of forewing edged with pale ochre; inner margin of hindwing with four black dots; uncus flanked laterally by two flattened processes; saccus not swollen apically. 

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Lepidoptera > Bombycoidea > Bombycidae > Bombycinae > Penicillifera

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